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HECO’s Aurora series has put out some outstanding performance at affordable prices, at least for the two loudspeakers that we have reviewed so far (Aurora 300 review and Aurora 1000 review). In those reviews, the Aurora speakers went straight to the top of our recommended speakers given the stupendous performance for the price. We decided to see if that value carried on to their Aurora 30A subwoofer, which is also competitively priced, especially at its frequent on-sale price of $500. So what does HECO deliver in the subwoofer realm for such a reasonable cost? Read our full review to find out…

READ: HECO Aurora 30A Subwoofer Review

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Bobby Bass

Bobby Bass

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James thanks for another review of Heco equipment. I hope it continues to be available here in the US. Need more good affordable gear.


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Thank you, @shadyJ !

Another good review: keep ‘em coming, please. :)

It’s interesting, I just was in a conversation about a guy using a small sub with what many would consider good bass-capable Speakers. In a way, this Sub reminds me of that.

This strikes me as being a very good option for matching to a set of smaller 2-way Standmount Speakers in a small room or even a setting with close neighbors and shared walls. Especially if prospective owner is shopping on a tight budget.

In the conversation I mentioned, the guy was crossing some large Standmounts to one of the toy Micro Subs. With the Standmounts good to the mid 30s, and the Toy rolling off at 30, there was precious little that the Sub was offering to the equation.

On the other hand, if paired to some Speakers rolling off around 60-70hz, this little guy could be a real boon to a listener looking to deepen their experience.

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