HECO Aurora 1000 Tower Speaker Review



Heco distributor in Australia is a sick joke. I looked at getting a higher end model 2 years ago and the pricing was insane - an example here of the https://hifihq.com.au/product/HECO-AURORA-700 $2499 ! Seriously I wonder how they sell any German speakers at all. So you are lucky in the US - I can attest that some of the more expensive models are very well engineered
The Fluctus tweeter is the week point in the more expensive models at high spl the tweeter cant keep up and even cuts out - this is on there flagship models. Build quality is also only ok - just using wood screws drilled into the cabinet on a 10000 euro speaker is pretty ordinary.
They do have good discounts in Europe - in Australia the top model they wanted $25000 they now only say POA so probably dearer https://hifihq.com.au/product/7329-Heco-La-Diva. You would have to be insane to pay that.
Here is a link to a German review https://www.lowbeats.de/test-standlautsprecher-heco-la-diva-kultivierte-energie/
showing max spl 109db https://www.lowbeats.de/site/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/2020-06-imod-heco-la-diva-109db-reco.png underneath - At high levels, the distortion is still very low. What is striking here is that at high volumes above 10,000 Hertz the short-circuit construction takes effect and the tweeter is subtly regulated.
Anyway the speaker is worth listening to and I am pretty sure you would be impressed


[B]shadyJ[/B] magnificent analysis of the Heco - please get hold of some of the better speakers - they have several ranges that are brilliant -


In Germany, the speaker is sold at a much lower price.
In the sale for 850 euros the pair.
For this price, of course, unbeatable.

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