<font color='#000000'>I am posting this here becuase I want the best advice I can find.

I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD202 for almost a year and they were the best pair of headphones I ever owned, love them. However, the problem of wear kicked in and now the left side is completely silent despite no visible break in wire (I determined it was in the headphone before it went out) and even resoldering the wire has had no help, they've died. I, seriously, came very close to crying because they were audio bliss for me.

But it's time to move on, I've got a larger budget, and on Monday (because, hey, I need a pair for work) I'm going out to Circuit City or Best Buy.

Now...if anyone's used the HD202's before, you know what I'm talking about..these headphones had the purest reproduction I'd ever heard. hard bass...clear highs, and the mids weren't gone....I mean..I put down my Sony Cd180's (which have that lack of mid...or too much mid..they sound horrible now)

Now Circuit City has the Sennheiser HD212, a step up from my 202's, and logically, I'd get those because being practically the same model, I know what the sound quality is like..but I'm also looking at the booze Triport's as a possible replacement, followed by the Sony MDRV600.

If anyone could let me know which one would be better and which is a close second (in case a store is out of one or the other) I'd greatly appreciate it.


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