Has anybody purchased from this website--hdvisionworks.com ? They have some really good prices and claim all receivers are in
factory sealed boxes.


Tried to order from them recently. They sent an email to verify order then tried to up sell me. Never got a shipping confirmation on my original order. I’ll have to keep an eye on my CC bill.


They are either selling out of stock items and misrepresenting that, or they are a complete scam. Two weeks and still no shipping. I'm watching my CC bill also.


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There are many legit sites selling refurb stuff and I've bought a lot of it over the years, going back to the mid 70's and the only thing that I had that wasn't pretty much perfect was an MP3 player that had a sticking up volume button. The half dozen receivers and stuff have all been great.


Be warned about the websites HDVisionWorks... and HDVisionMax, if they ever reactivate that one.

Like many others, I saw their website, the great prices and the huge number of positive reviews, and considered ordering from them, especially since the projector I was looking to buy was $500(!) cheaper from them. But while $500 cheaper would be a great deal, it also raised a red flag. So, I decided to research, and here is what I've found.

The phone number listed for HDVisionWorks has not been answered any time I have called during the listed business hours on their website.

The street address listed on the company's website, 263 S Lincoln Ave, Oakhurst, NJ, does not exist. Yes, there is a South Lincoln Avenue - it is a residential neighborhood - but "263" would actually fall between two existing homes on that street, there is no structure at 263.

The bottom of each page on their website shows various seals of verification/approval from organizations such as Bizrate, PayPal, ShopperApproved, and PriceGrabber... however, if you hover over these seals, you will notice that ALL of them redirect to just the ShopperApproved website. ShopperApproved is a social response aggregator subscription service available to businesses - meaning, whoever owns HDVisionWorks is PAYING for this service, so of course, they'll get their "seal of approval." They are misrepresenting the approval of the other organizations by displaying their logos.

Further digging turned-up another website that was operated by the same individual(s) or group: HDVisionMax.com. On this website (just like HDVisionWorks),they also included an address that didn't correspond to their business, and also had the fake Bizrate, PayPal and PriceGrabber seals of approval. The HDVisionMax website went dark earlier this year and is no longer accessible.

All registration info for both of these websites has been made private. This, also, is a red flag, as reputable merchants have no need to hide their website's ownership information.

So there you have it: all signs point to DANGER in attempting to place an order with this company. And since their naming pattern of late seems to be "HDVision[something]", maybe watch out for another new site popping-up with that naming convention in the near future as well.


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Also how can you associate them with another website with a similar name that makes no sense whatsoever if they were the same company why would they choose a similar name why not go with a different name altogether I think “jimsprings” is a Competitor he has no reason to bash a company that he never dealt with the only motive I can think of is there prices are so good that he can’t compete again I bought from from them and saved almost $700.00
They delivered thank you George and hdvisionworks.com
White van speaker scam known company names:
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That's only half way through the "D"'s. There's a whole lot more alphabet to go...


Peter-123, I'm happy for you, glad you got your Yamaha receiver.

Meanwhile, I've continued researching, and here's what I've found. HDVisionWorks appears to be the latest incarnation of "Joe's AV" (joesav.com),a website that was around long enough (launched in late 2015, site went dark in 2018) to earn a solid "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Business practices substantiated by the BBB include the following - and these are not my words, this text is taken directly from the BBB website:

1. "...attempts to upsell merchandise that has already been purchased by requesting the purchase of additional shipping, insurance and warranty services."
2. "...may: engage in bait and switch advertising methods; fail to honor online promotions; and fail to honor online pricing."
3. "...this business has a pattern of complaints concerning advertising, customer service and delivery issues. Complaints allege that Joe’s AV attempts to upsell merchandise that has already been purchased by requesting the purchase of additional shipping, insurance and warranty services. Complainants also allege little correspondence from the business after merchandise is purchased."

Joe's AV settled with the BBB by "...agree[ing] to eliminate the pattern of complaints by launching a new website that requires less interaction between company representatives and consumers." It would appear that they kept this agreement.

Peter-123 is correct in stating that I haven't bought anything from HDVisionWorks. One of my customers tried calling the company directly a few times, got no answer, so he called me (I do in fact run an A/V and CCTV business, but installation and service only, I do not sell hardware) and asked me about this company. My only "defense" for having not purchased hardware from them is (a.) I had never even heard of them before my customer asked me, and (b.) that a person need not stick their hand in a fire to know it will get burned.


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Here we go again another reseller trying to bring down a merchant who offers lower prices your trying to discredit a merchant for no reason you called them and didn’t get an answer BiG DEAl and your trying to associate them with another m company from 5 years ago and who cares if they are associated with them the bottom line is I got my unit in 4 days and brand new factory sealed just because you can’t sell at there prices u say ur an installer I know installers that do sell hardware and I’m sure you do and it’s funny your trying so hard to discredit them when I know they are a good merchant give them a try call them speak to them order from them than judge ur trying to bring Down a company and trying to associate them with other domains means you are a competitor and your trying to discredit them again I bought from them NO upset NO bait and switch I got exactly what i ordered ate the best price in the country I know you didn’t buy anything your just hating them cause there undercutting you so either buy from them and judge or don’t buy from them and don’t judge cause what you are trying to do is wrong and your using this platform to hurt another merchant and it’s unethical and I’m a lawyer and I’m sure what your doing can be SUED in court. AGAIN I BOUGHT FROM THEM AND got EXACTLY WHAT I ORDERED and you said yourself you only heard of them from your customer and so you do sell hardware cause they undercut your price bottom line they are real I bought from them and got you judge and didn’t buy anything so get a life and leave honest people alone AGAIN I BOUGHT FROM THEM AND GOT IT IN 4 DAYS and you said in your original post that you called several times and got no answer now your saying your customer called and got no answer so now your a liar and a competitor and trying to hurt honest people I think it’s disgusting what your doing you should be sued for defamation again I bout from th they are real I got in 4 days brand new sealed
My goodness. Is there any punctuation at all in there? I hear someone in my head saying all of that as fast as they can to get it all in one breath...

Seems kinda odd that you join the forum the same day this thread is posted and show up vehemently defending a company by questioning the sincerity of one of our members who clearly explained his position and provided quotes taken directly from the BBB site? You're being unreasonably aggressive about it too. Kinda the way someone would if they had a personal stake in it...

Just sayin'.


...the liar in this forum is jimsprings
He originally said he called and no one answered than he claimed customer called and no one answered someone needs to get there story straight
Just for the record, my customer has a telephone. And I do, too. We're really fancy in these parts, we all have telephones!

My customer says he DID call during the business hours advertised on the website, but got NO ANSWER, and I believe him. The next day, he (the customer) called me and asked if I knew anything about this company, because he wanted to buy a projector from them that was $500 cheaper than it could be found anywhere else. I told him I'd check into the website, and if it was legit, I'd order it for him. I also tried calling, and again, no answer. That's when I started researching this company.

It's telling that Peter-123 decides to focus on this minor detail, while ignoring all of the other information presented about HDVisionWorks.com and the websites they apparently operated in the past.


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Amazing someone like "peter 123" thinks (thought, since apparently he's been completely removed) he comes across well. Guess it goes along with his business "model" :)

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