HDMI Enhanced Black Levels, xvYCC and RGB



Not only the calibration but you can't forget to make sure the T.V. is one that you will like for the rest of the time you use it.


Great articles. My problem is I already have my PS3 calibrated with RGB FULL and I'm pretty happy.

While watching Blueray I activated the xvycc option and colors are more intense, less 'bright' all over...

Must I set the RGB to LIMITED? is 100% required?


HDMI Enhanced Black Levels, ect, etc

As a newbie on this forum and painfully new to HDTV in general, it was good to read an article which pointed toward some guidance which can be noted as info for future reference when shopping. Don't pretend to have understood "all" of it - but some small portions got through as food for thought. As I see it black levels are not a major concern in comparing specifications. Any one, please feel free to correct this. Thanks to the author!

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I am hoping you can help me. I have an Optoma HD65 projector, Sony DN1000 amp and a Sony BDP-S760 blu ray player which has the following options:

RGB 16-235
RGB 0-255
YCbCr 444
YCbCr 422

From reading your very helpful article should I set it to 422 as the amp would set it to 16-235 anyway? Also there is an issue with this projector that when you set the colour option to YCbCr it has a pink tint to the whole screen. When you leave it at RGB or Auto is is fine. In view of this should I send out the signal as RGB or leave the blu ray do the converting and set it to 422 and calibrate it accordingly?

This has been driving me insane so any help would be hugely appreciated, thanks.


Hi guys,

After thinking about my main display, this question of color space, etc., is the one that seems to be the most dependent on brand/labeling.

Does the information in the article hold true for modern 1080p and 4k/HDR displays?

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