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I need help with the type of HDMI cable I need to buy.

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the Sony A9G and the upcoming Denon AVR-X3600H. Both have eARC.

From hdmi.org:

Q: What cable(s) do I need to make use of the eARC feature?
A: Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables are designed to support the new eARC feature in addition to the highest resolution video modes. The Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet and the High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet will also support eARC.
I've searched the web and I cannot find Standard and High Speed HDMI cables that end with words "....with Ethernet".

Do all HDMI cables now come with Ethernet and vendors have just simply removed it from the name?


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I have them in my entire system, four right now. I would not hesitate in buying again.
I have this exact product bookmarked. Want to be certain it will work with between two eARC devices. Thanks.


By the info you listed above from hdmi.org, it should be fine. For the cost, I would try it out.
There is this, too, but without the hdmi premium certification:
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beyond that, i'm sure you seen the offerings on Amazon.
This one will work a 100% as it is a Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable rated at 48 Gbit/s . Unfortunately, they only make a 1.5ft. & 3ft. I need at least 6ft.

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At this point in time, any Premium High Speed HDMI cable (QR label for authenticity) should work for eARC at lengths under about 20' (25' is the maximum certifiable distance). Active cables can not be certified by an ATC (Authorized Testing Center). "Ultra" (48Gbps) will be the designation to separate "Premium" (18Gbps) High Speed HDMI cables. Ultra will be used for the HDMI 2.1 hardware specifications but nobody is certifying passive cables yet for 48Gbps or HDMI 2.1. "Up to 48Gbps" can mean just about anything if that's what the cable description states. The HDMI 2.1 hardware specifications state that the maximum cable length for fully compliant, passive HDMI 2.1 will be 3m (9') or less. The use of the term "Ultra" for high speed hdmi cables still falls under the smoke and mirrors category, mostly to confuse the consumer and garner sales. Nobody can guarantee that any HDMI cable will work for a given setup.

Personally I think that eARC will be most successful over time with a hybrid fiber cable due to the combination of the glass fiber for video and the copper wiring (hence the term hybrid) for ARC, HDCP, and EDID functions.
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