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If you have cables now that work, then stick with that. The cable can not improve the pq beyond the removal of sparkles, drop outs, etc. If you have those, then the cable needs to be replaced. If you feel a need to push the HDMI 2.1 option sets then replace the cable(s) with ones that have at least been tested for the HDMI 2.0/2.1 option sets or are certified for this. HDMI 2.0 cables are Premium High Speed (if certified) and HDMI 2.1 are Ultra High Speed HDMI (if certified). The use of the HDMI version numbers is discouraged by, especially now that they have deemed "HDMI 2.0 dead" as far as cable descriptions go.

Cable prices are not an indicator of cable quality (AudioQuest, Monster are example) per se. A cable that Monoprice, Blue Jeans, etc sells can, and quite often does, perform as well as the higher priced ones do. Just look at what your current HDMI options are now, what you may want/need in the future, your cable length, and installation. Then choose a cable that meet those criteria. And make sure you have easy access to your cabling for future updates, replacement, etc.


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Is it all still a bunch of bs? I just made the leap into 4k and am learning so much. Like how most of my equipment needs to be updated.

I just bought a Panasonic DP-UB820-K and have a lg C1 OLED. Is it worth spending more on a hdmi cable? I've been running monoprice cables for a long time and have been happy. Maybe I should step up to Blue Jeans cable. I use the rca's and sub cable. Nice stuff!

So, to upgrade or not?
Spending more money than necessary on cables doesn't help anything other than the audiophile's prestige. There are a few cables that don't transmit waveforms accurately but they are rare and very expensive. Digital cables like HDMI can't affect the data they transmit. Any digital cable can get the same data from one end to the other. Think of how accurate the cable is between your DVD in your computer and the SATA interface at the other end.

The truth is that speakers and room acoustics are where to spend your money If you don't have a subwoofer, put one at the top of your list. Replace your cables if they wear out and fail to function.


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Yes, but I need a new one at 10 feet to run in wall.
At 10' you are right on the border of needing an active cable. Personally I would play it safe and use a hybrid optical cable. Ruipro is the go to brand. That is not snake oil, they are superb reliable cables. I do recommend though, you use a voltage inserter to power it.


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I do recommend though, you use a voltage inserter to power it.
And read any info that comes with these cables, to prevent installing them incorrectly and/or having the inserter at the display end.

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