Hardware or Software options to replace my SONOS



I had a Sonos Play 5 Gen 1 and it just died today. I wanted an opinion on what should I do next
I have a spare iMac and Apple TV and can buy cheaper powered speakers.
I am looking for a software that can run on iMac or Linux that can accept airplay and chromecast.
Open to any hardware solution that can do both (airplay and cast) from android and apple phones. I have a spotify and Tidal subscription too.
Please suggest.


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No problem at all...

What you want is a Sonos.
(or some similar derivative)

That may not sound helpful, but let me explain what the deal is...

Home theater PC solutions are just not the way to go most of the time. There is no profit in it for software developers to do a good job, so those solutions that have come out over the years, MOSTLY ON PCs, have been very weak, to downright useless. Perhaps the best solution on a PC has been Plex, which is a streaming option, but more about home-owned video rather than audio. Though it does support audio services.

For phone integration as well as full support, Sonos and a few cousin products, are much, much better alternatives.

Get a Sonos port or Amp instead of the Sonos all in one speakers, and you get a fully developed and fully supported product which should last you for years and years and years. My Sonos Connect still works great even though it is not getting newer firmware updates. The Port is the updated version. I recommend the Port as you can then use your own amplifier and your own speakers as you choose. There is far less which can break down.


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If you have both skillset and time you may want to try to DIY it, with Raspberry PI (with an add-on DAC card)
Install Roon or Volumio software to get similar (if not better) features of Sonos. Of course, this would be a self-supported solution.
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