getting black crush , viewsonic pro8200

Discussion in 'Projectors & Screens' started by tarheel fan, Mar 17, 2013.

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    I am a newbie and am putting together my first dedicated home theater. I built my 100" dia screen with blackout cloth and painted it with Behr Silver Screen. My projector is a Viewsonic Pro8200. I used calibration values from a review of this projector i found online and it looks great except I am getting black shadowing in dark scenes that hides any detail. I plan to paint the white ceiling black but thinking I was getting reflected light from it onto the screen, I hung black felt cloth on the ceiling out to about 8 ft and it made no difference. While my room is not "theater dark", it is pretty dark at night. If anyone has ideas on what to try, I would greatly appreciate any guidance.
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    Buy a calibration disc and calibrate it yourself. You also need to be aware that that this model is bottom of the line for 1080p. It's like buying a Westinghouse or Insignia and wondering why those TVs don't look as good as the Samsung or Panasonic models. It may simply be a failure of the product to be able to deliver the quality you were hoping for.

    Also, the Behr Silverscreen paint is generally considered a poor choice for a DiY screen.

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