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Slowly but surely getting there. The room isnt necessarily ideal however I am currently in the process of shopping for new house with unfinished basement to set it all up properly. Also about to upgrade the surround and surround backs to match the fronts, centre and sub and venture into seperates sometime next year. But it still sounds and looks great for my first decent system! Here is what I gots so far.

92Inch Hellier Screen
Epson Home 10 Plus Projector

Pioneer Elite VSX53TX A/V receiver
Pioneer Elite DV-45A DVD-A/SACD Player (newest edition, love it!)
Some old Toshiba Crap VCR

Fronts: Canton Karat M60's (These are great!)
Centre: Canton Karat CS4
Sub: Canton ASD-250
Surrounds: Sony MF500 (I Know, replacing them with Canton Karat M30's)
Surround Backs: Even worst Floorstanding Sony's. Also replacing with the M30's)

And an X-Box for gaming :)

I have pics but cant post them because of the size :(


Audioholic Intern
I'm also interested on Canton Karat m30 os s8dc for fronts...

How are they?

See my post in Loudspeakers...

I was thinking about M30dc+M10+CM40 with a Marantz SR7400/7500 or Denon 2805.
What do you think?
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