General question about repairing a sub.



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I have an old Subwoofer I was going to send off for repair to the original vendor, but due to the age they stated that odds are they no longer have the parts to fix it.

If there are members who are building their own subwoofers, why could I not do the same.
I essentially already have the box and speakers and just need to purchase the amp, right or is that over simplifying it?

If it is feasible, where would I start?


First, I would contact the manufacturer and find out if there are any EQ circuits in the original amplifier. If there are none, then you can find an amplifier with similar rated power and then copy the enclosure design.

That would likely be the simplest path.

Doing anything beyond that is likely to get more complicated. If you are not familiar with how to use modeling tools such as WinISD, then I would highly recommend to stick to the path above.


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Yeah, knowing the sub or having pictures would help. What was the amplifier rated at? Are we talking hi-fi or you just want to get it working again on the cheap? You can buy plate amplifiers from Parts-Express that have all of the electronics built in and just connect your speaker to it. You need to have the correct size opening or the ability to cut out the cabinet to fit the new amp. Not truly a hi-fi solution because we don't know what the speaker's specifications are and whether your old amp used any EQ to shape the sound. At minimum you need to match the power rating of the amp to your old amp so that you do not exceed it and damage the speaker.

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