FS: Korg Trident Synthesizer Brass String Machine



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Up for sale is a Korg Trident Synthesizer Brass String Machine in superb working condition. This keyboard is a monster in sound and physical weight as well as Super phat analog sound especially from the synth section.

All keys, knobs and buttons functions properly. 100V but works well on American 120V but keep that in mind. No issues at all whatsoever with this synth, it comes with Korg road case with casters.

The "write program" button,plug, headphone out and mix out works great all functions properly well. This is a classic 3-way analog synth/brass synth/string machine, and has a long history with some major artists from its day! You can split or stack the sections, and the synth section is fully programmable. It's fat, versatile, and nothing else sounds like it.

Price for this equipment is USD$4700

If you are interested kindly reach me via mail for response.
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thank you for your interest.




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Wow, that is a classic synth! I am sure a lot of keyboardists would love to have a Trident in good condition. I have an old Korg Prophecy that I ought to unbury and have some fun with someday. Good luck with your sale.

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