FS: KEF Q750 (Pair) - Satin Black

John Parks

John Parks

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I've got a nice pair of KEF Q750s for sale as I plan on moving up the KEF ladder. They are less than a year old and are in excellent condition. I bought them from Accessories4Less as refurb units. There are some imperfections on one of the speakers at the front base and rear corner: the speakers came that way (one of the boxes was pretty beat up on arrival).

Here is the auction over on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/123528409423

My asking price on AH is $1K firm, shipping included. If you want to but on Ebay, make me an offer or join the auction. PM me for additional pictures, questions.




Audioholic Samurai
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Great bargain on a terrific pair of floorstanding speakers! I heard Q750's running off a new NAD C658 pre--amp/DAC/streamer with matching new NAD C268 power amp and they were incredible. Surprising amount of bass out of them!

Good luck with sale!

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