FS: 12" Acoustic Elegance Lambda Woofer Driver PB12 with Copper Faraday Rings - 250 $ ( Single Woofer )



FS: 12" Acoustic Elegance Lambda Woofer Driver PB12 with Copper Faraday Rings - 250 $ ( Single Woofer )


Acoustic Elegance Lambda Driver PB12 with Copper Faraday Rings in excellent shape.

The copper faraday decreases inductance and as a result distortion is decreased.

It has Xmax of about 15.5mm.

Parameters for the PB12:

Fs: 21hz
Qms: 4.2
Vas: 160L
Cms: .4mm/N
Mms: 143G
Rms: 4.5kg/s
Xmax: 15.5mm
Sd: 530sqcm
Qes: .32
Re: 3.5
Le: .3
Z: 4ohm
Pe: 500W
Qts: .3
1W SPL: 89dB

PB12 is the predecessor of SBP12.
SBP12 Highlights: (from manufacturer's website):

* Lambda Motor with Full Copper Faraday Sleeve (FCFS)
* Extremely low and linear inductance
* Wide bandwidth and detailed midbass
* High Xmax with clean suspension travel
* High Efficiency upper/midbass
* Designed for sealed box applications
* Also ideal for Automotive Infinite Baffle use
The SBP Series woofers are low distortion, high Xmax, wide bandwidth bass drivers designed for sealed box applications. They work well in a variety of applications including subwoofers, bass/midbass drivers in 2way or 3way systems, and automotive infinite baffle applications. The Lambda Motor means they have very low/linear inductance extending cleanly to over 500hz, while the high Xmax allows them to play the lowest notes with authority. SBP woofers have been used in high end recording monitors, home theater subwoofers, and extremely high end hi-fi systems retailing for upwards of $100,000. When you want the most accurate woofer for sealed box applications, look no further than the SBP Series.

The SBP Series are also the ultimate option for automotive infinite baffle use. They have a larger motor then the IB-AU Series for more efficiency in the upper bass region where there is very little cabin gain. This allows them to integrate and work extremely well with the cabin gain in your vehicle. You will not find a lower distortion woofer for Automotive Infinite Baffle applications.



Bought directly from:

Acoustic Elegance John E. Janowitz
http://www.aespeakers.com 1825 Mills St.
Phone: 920-469-9198 Green Bay, WI 54302
Mobile: 920-217-0625 Fax: 775-258-1406


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