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I have been working on getting this theater up for a while now so now I am going to show what I have been pestering everyone on this site for. But don't get confused, I will continue to pester!!

Theater outline;
135" acoustically transparent Seymour screen
7.4.2 speaker layout - er18 front 3 and rears, monoprice in wall for sides, RSL C34E atmos speakers, 18" ported Dayton HF and a 10" dayton transmission line subs
Denon 6700h reciever
Epson 5050ub
sony uhd800

Anyway, this will go in an abbreviated progression. There is a bit more photographic evidence of the ceiling because the better half took over documentation, WAY more pics.
The room. The valance box on the right and at the front is required for hvac purposes, the one on the left to balance out the room from a design point of view.
The beginning of the optical star ceiling, bonus hobo pic.
The ceiling panels that cover the ceiling. Backer, sonopan insulating panels, and speaker cloth. I can put together a more detailed build for this if anyone wants to know.
View of the screen and the TL sub that TLS kindly designed for me.
A view from the screen showing the two couches (one on a 12" riser). I understand that this is not 'theater seating' but, *ahem, free reclining exceedingly expensive to others but to me FREE couches :D My parents needed new couches that didn't hurt a recently but unfortunately likely permanently injured back. ****ty situation but we can't let them go to waste!
A simple picture with a movie running, it doesn't really do it justice. I might be able to convince the other half to use an actual camera and maybe get a better image.

So now I will simply say thank you to everyone who helped me directly and indirectly. I have learned a lot from trolling around posts from many of you.


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Looks great, but man that looks like alot of work!

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