Fiber internet versus Cable broadband.

Cable broadband better than Fiber?

  • Fiber internet smokes Cable broadband?

    Votes: 4 66.7%
  • Fiber internet is the future?

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Cable broadband will die a slow death like Hardline phones did

    Votes: 1 16.7%

  • Total voters
Replicant 7

Replicant 7

Audioholic Samurai
Fibre is by far the best connection you will get.
Here I am with 900mb download speed.

And I remember the days of dial up when you couldn't use the phone at the same time!
Plus you couldn't use the phone while sending or receiving a fax. Unless you had more than one line which most did. I did, hard line was cheap back in the day. Here's another, remember party lines? Pick up the phone, and the things you'd hear! Wow! and they say with cellphones we lost all privacy.

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