Favorite Splash screen at the theaters



Junior Audioholic
Not sure what their officially called, but in computers their called called splash screens, where the various companies show their logo before the game starts (3Dfx especially back in the day).

Anyways I'm referring to the Dolby, THX, DTS, etc.... little 20-30 second intros.

My favorite is the Technicolor one that looks like food color diluting in water....I like the colors and the orchestral type music. Although the DLP one is pretty good too.

The Dolby Stomp is OK, but just not as good as the old train ones and stuff, and the DTS one is just so 20th century :D


don't know about movie theatre faves but I LOVE the one on HBO before Feature Presentations with the camera zooming through the mountains, the city and the airport-whatever!!!

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