Fastener pricing at Lowes / Home Depot etc...



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Most homeowners shouldn't be using tools to begin with ...:D
They should, and they use it incorrectly they'd have to pay even more to fix original problem plus damage they did :D - Win-Win for Pro's ;)


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SO I am not the only one that has walked out of a big box retailer due to hardware pricing or the lack of any bulk purchase capability. As others have already mentioned, I have started to go to Fastenal or the local mom & pop (if they are still open, one just closed). The big box boys are getting to the point where they are reducing their selection making it harder for the DIY guys.

I remember the Nardelli days at Home Depot when they were Home Crapo. I had $150 in Home Depot gift cards to spend. Yeah! Except Nardelli and his number crunching minions had pulled everything I had wanted to buy out of the local store because it didn't turn enough. So I had $150 to buy and nothing to spend it on. I was pretty pissed.

Harbor Freight - I agree, you gotta pay attention.

I had another thought I was going to add, but I got distracted by some goo that I found on my computer. No, not that kind of goo! Kind of a snot type consistency...

Now I just need a new outdoor playset for the kids and not liking the prices/selection. Ugh!


I get my fasteners from direct suppliers since I always need them in bulk and I get a pretty good price for those too. There's this Fasteners supplier in Sydney called MIG Enterprises. Good thing they accepted my special orders and delivered it right on time. i think you should check them out too.

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