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Hey fellow Audioholics,

I hope you're all doing great! I've been diving into the world of AV setups lately and finding both excitement and confusion at every turn. I've come across terms like "AV pros and cons," and it got me thinking about the various aspects of audiovisual systems.One of the debates Insurance for Vehicles dmvnow-portal I've encountered is whether to go for a wired AV connection or embrace wireless technology. I can see the convenience of wireless, but does it come at the expense of audio or video quality? Are there potential downsides that I should be aware of?
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Connectivity issues. Sync issues.

I've once seen a person on YouTube that tried a wireless subwoofer and had nothing but connection related issues.
They then ran a cable to the subwoofer and 100% fault free since.
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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I don’t think full wireless is ready for prime time yet, if it ever will be. One of the biggest hurdles is having power to all the wireless speakers. While you might be trading speaker cable, you’ll instead be having AC cords showing, and you may also have extension cords all over trying to reach the speakers if there aren’t any receptacles close by. Also the potential for connectivity, and interference is much greater. More than that though, calibration could be much more difficult because of the signal delay with wireless systems. Especially if some speakers are wireless, and some are not, and even more so when you consider many subs have dsp built in that adds even more signal delay due to processing. I would still just choose good old fashioned wire.

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