Epson bulb but different lumens?



Audioholic Intern
Hi everyone, was hoping that you'd be able to shed some light on this for me. How does Epson have the same bulb (250 W UHE ) in multiple projector models ,specifically HC3800 ,HC4010, HC5050ub and all have such widely different Lumen output ie 3000 ,2400,2600. All also have the same lamp hour rating. I know that obviously the optics used will play a factor but the HC3800 is the cheapest and it apparently is the brightest at 3000 lumens . There is a difference in lcd panel size however. The HC3800 lcd panel size is 0.61" vs the other two which have 0.74" lcd panel size. ( a bigger panel size is better right?).
Is there something more that i'm missing ? Is Epson massaging the numbers or something to do with achievable contrast ratio's ?
Any insight in to this would be very helpful .

Isn't it a shame that it takes a quarantine for my wife to appreciate my Home theater set up!

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