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Mark E. Long

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Yes, I think it would take 15 coats of Danish oil if I wanted to bring it up to a gloss finish. I'm glad I decided on satin before I started. ;) I got a sprayer from my dad but it's high pressure so I'm not sure if it would be good for wood finishes. I used it to paint an 8x8 shed and repaint the steel siding on the garage and it works great for large surfaces. No room for a booth but I've seen people hang vapour barrier inside a garage to make a temporary booth. It's mostly about dust control. That and not having the fumes in the house.
I really like a satin finish on most everything I also do high grade gun stock finishing for a good friend of mine that has a gunsmith shop he gets behind and he gets some help from me some of them stocks take 32 coats of hand rubbed oil . I’ve worked on some crazy wood with him and I don’t have to mess with the checkering he dose that last . Although I do refinish stocks for people .
Agreed on the nasty vapors in the house that’s always a big negative from the Mrs. .


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Geeze you're making me feel lazy. I got some work to do.

Nice job. :)


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Not an audio update but a room update. The home theatre room is in the basement of an addition. The original house has a utility basement so the floor in the addition is deeper. That necessitated an 18"x18" concrete bulkhead / retaining wall below the old footings to support the soil. My plan was to cover it with a wall unit. The quote from a local cabinet maker came in at over $10k (and that was years ago before prices spiked). They do great work but over my budget. Decided to do it myself.

We like natural wood and wanted something light coloured that would not darken the room, so I chose to go with maple which is readily available in veneered plywood and solid boards. For the finish, I have wanted to try Danish Oil and chose the Watco fruitwood for it's nice warm colour. Maple is normally very pale but I wanted something to complement the wall colour.

Clad the concrete in plywood to give me a clean level base and to have something to attach the baseboard to. It was pretty cramped in my small shop making cabinets that tall but I had just enough room. Finished the pantry to the right first and then installed cabinets from the left across. Today was a banner day because I got the last set of cupboard doors installed which makes it look much more complete. Still have 8 sets of drawers to build which will go in the 4 pairs of cavities at the bottom of the 4 book cases. The book cases are cramped right now as we're still deciding what to keep. Will get cleaned up when the drawers go in. My vinyl collection is in the upper cupboard and the CDs and movies will go in the drawers with full extension slides.

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Thats amazing!! You must be proud. If not, you should be!! :) I also like your theater setup and room. I too have a VCR somewhere in storage.

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