Edifier S2000Pro - Bass volume and Modes questions



Hi there! I just bought the S2000Pro bookshelf speaker set and the Edifier R1280DB set to compare them and see if there really is enough difference in the sound quality to warrant the price difference. Of course, the more expensive S2000Pro set has better sound—but I'm wondering if everything really works on this set. First: I can't find any difference in bass sound when I turn the dial to the left and right. On the R1280DB, turning the bass dial really has an effect, so it ain't my hearing that's the problem. Second: the S2000Pro has 4 modes—monitor, dynamic, classic & vocal; I've switched between these modes and I cannot distinguish between the sound of any of them. Can anyone (a) suggest a definitive test to make sure these features actually work on the S2000pro (I've tried some tests offered by YouTube, but nothing seems to help so far) and (b) let me know if they think I got a dud set of speakers?

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