Duuude the Epson LS11000 and 12000 are legit!!!



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Man I know @AcuDefTechGuy has been singing the praises of the new laser Epsons since he bought one. I finally got to see one in action yesterday.

I'm looking to put a new projector in the bedroom. I know a guy that has a small home theater setup that refurbs projectors and sells them for crazy good discounts.

I was at his shop looking at different options and he had an Epson LS11000 on display. Lighting up a 150 inch screen. I was just blown away o_O

I was thinking of going JVC and or Sony in the theater room when my 6050 gives out someday but Epsons new laser is seriously hard to turn down at that price point. I mean just wow!!!!


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@BMXTRIX have you had a chance to view these? What are your thoughts?
I haven't seen them in person. From my understanding, the LS11000 can't actually reach the performance levels of the 5050/6050 models from Epson. So, in a good theater space, it's not the way I would go. Especially at that price point. My opinion is that the two models kind of strive to be the laser equivalent upgrades to the 4010 and 5050. So, you get a solid jump between the 11000 and 12000 models. My opinion being that I wouldn't touch the 11000 when the 12000 exists.

With the 4010 and 5050, that $1,000 jump was a 50% hike! $2,000 to $3,000 is huge. But, at $4,000 vs. $5,000, it's a 25% hike. It's still some money, but not even a question to me. I'd get the 12000 in a second. I really have started noticing black levels, and in my recent theater trip to see the recent Shazam movie, I could tell my JVC appeared to deliver a better black floor than the DLP model the theater was using. Most likely a Christie or Barco model.

JVC is the king. In a good theater, they just can't be bested. But, Epson has never been a slouch in home theater. When, many years ago, LCD was getting trounced by DLP, Epson responded with better LCD panels and improvements to the technology that flipped the tables. Now, DLP rules the cheap projectors, and LCD is known for better contrast as things improve.

But, I still am a LCoS fanboy. JVC over Sony. So, once people get to the LS12000 price range, the Sony 5000 is where I'd be thinking. But, I'd be wishing for the JVC.

I don't see how JVC will get away with a lamp model for very long considering their price point and the competition. If JVC had a laser in their cheapest model, I think that is all I would push people towards. :D


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Still have some work to do. Need to move the projector back a bit, and calibrate. Figured id share progress up till now.

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