Dust on my inner projector screen



Hi guys
I have a brand new optima 143x projector that has about 90 hrs on it.
However when its on i noticed a circular spot on the screen. I used a micro fibre cloth and wiped the outer lense..howerver the spot is still there leading me to believe that the spot is on the inner lense.. how to i rectify this???


Audioholic Warlord
I'm not sure of a good way to get rid of dust that is inside the projection system with most DLP models. Typically they have a sealed optical path which is designed to prevent dust from getting into the optics. I would call Optoma up and maybe raise some hell with them... At least I would start by asking them if they have a solution to this issue.

If the dust is on the internal optics, you should be able to bring it into sharp focus by adjusting your focus knob some.

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