Having been "offered" a copy of Return of the king in DTS, i said no just in case it was a pooor quality ..backup job. :eek:

BUT hi saw that this website and i wanted to ask if anybody knows if it is LEGIT website? :confused:

I know both uk and us are sevearly lacking in DTS disc and i keep hearing about malaisia and other far off countries having dts disc as standard ?

DTS dvs

do tell.
Rock&Roll Ninja

Rock&Roll Ninja

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What DVD region do you live in?

In region 1, the US, ROTK is purely a DD release. The upcoming extended edition will have DTS however.


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If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

I would steer from many of the Internet sites that offer all region DVDs (to include many eBay sellers from China). Buying from a reputable/legal retailer or from private collections is the best way to ensure you get good, high-quality and legal discs. Some others will sell you what might be a pirated disc. I looked all over this listed site and cannot find any info on a return policy or clear contact information (usually a good indicator of pirated discs). Remember, not all countries share our views on copyrighted material and are allowed to openly sell whatever they want. I would be cautious.

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