Do I need more SUB(S)?



Current setup:

Just upgraded my main front stage to: Ascend Sierra-2EX L/R & DUO LCR Center
I'm going to use my current pair of B&W 684 S2 for surround's
I'm assuming I will no longer need my B&W center HTM62-S2?
SVS SB-1000 subwoofer
Denon AVR-X4700H

-I know this sub is not very strong but will it augment the Ascend's sufficiently or should I get another sub?


-Open room design 15'X25'

-I sit 14 feet away from a 65" Sony 65" Bravia OLED

Many thanks in advance for any advice!
William Lemmerhirt

William Lemmerhirt

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Well since you just upgraded your LCR, my questions are. What kind of budget do you have, and is there upgrade time on the sb1000? Imo/Ime that’s much too big a room for a small sealed sub. Depending on listening habits a ported 15” would be the minimum I’d look for, and truthfully a pair would be a lot better. Especially since as an educated guess you’ll have a more sensitive system and will probably push it a little harder. The sb1000 will definitely be lost in the mix. Also, multiple subs should help even out the FR especially if you can take the time to set them up.


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+1 to what William said. You have a big room that's open.

Just depends on how much budget you have. Also do you have family a wife that would complain if you bought a bigger sub. You have to take that into consideration. Do you just need your sitting area to get the best bass or do you want better sound for everyone. If your only worried about your seat it's easier to do so with a single sub if you want everyone to get great bass response in the room that's where buying more then one kicks in

If going duals isn't an option now it's always a good idea to go with the best single sub that you can and then add another one later if you want


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I have a room about your size that's an open area to the rest of the basement....I have 2 ported 15's and they sound great!! Huge difference when I upgraded from a smaller sub that couldn't fill the space well. I couldn't be happier with my 15's but the wife just gave me permission to buy the new monolith 16" THX why not!???? Lol


So is the partner or neighbor on board with a little boom boom? I use a few different setups.
Normally more is better for a smother response. There is servo that is way less offensive to
the partner/neighbor issues. Cost a bit more normally.

I like GRs OB they pressure the room different than a normal sub. They can work at 20hz with
some pretty good authority. 1-3 usually work fine with my setups, 2400cf max.. I port the rooms too.
Some people don't.

Open slot bottom firing subs are the exception.. I don't use them.. Older REL and VMPS
are examples. I enclose the slots on both and decouple for a great upgrade. Air bags, springs, pods.

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To the question posed the answer is always yes! Or at least bigger….

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