Do any "remote apps" work reliably?



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I've had an Onkyo TX-NR929 since 2014 and have few complaints; I like it. I have become dependent on the Onkyo Remote app for Android (Galaxy S-3, S-5, now S-8),specifically to control Zones 2 and 3 but it recently started either crashing when searching for the receiver or not finding the receiver, which is connected by LAN cable. I can get it to work so far, by different random actions. Force stopping the app, resetting the receiver, turning the phone off and on, usually by uninstalling and re-installing. It has become somewhat maddening.
Looking around on the forums, not to mention the google play ratings for most of these kind of apps that probably most manufacturers have, and they all suck, do they not?
Onkyo hasn't updated this one since 2016. They released a newer one called Controller for 2016 and newer models ( and I just confirmed it won't find mine). I guess they're assuming you wouldn't have a working Onkyo receiver older than 2 years old?

I would consider getting rid of Onkyo and buying a different receiver based on this single feature: a phone-based app that reliably controls the receiver in Zone 2 and Zone 3. Any recommendations?

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