Dilemma - XLR or RCA?



I made a little miscalculation while planning my system. I thought I had it all figured out, but I forgot the sub amps don't have XLR.

So my processor, DAC, mid/tweet amp all have XLR inputs, but the DAC doesn't do both at the same time so I can't mix the sub channel to RCA and have the others as XLR. I'm running a triamp set up.

So, the two options I can think of are to just go with RCA for everything or I'm wondering if there might be some XLR to RCA option so I can run XLR outputs from the DAC to the RCA inputs for the sub amps. or I could just use the same amps as the mid/tweet amps are. I just found that they didn't seem to offer near the sub control as the sub amps do.

Any thoughts on what I should do?


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Might want to expand on just what gear you're using as it sounds confusing...but cables like Ryan suggested are simple enough (even to make your own).

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