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Im trying to spend 500$ approx for a new complete system based on the jl audio 13.5 inchs shallow mount closed box subwoofer.
But wait this perticular subwoofer is in my opinion the best bass system for a house because it is very musical and compact and powerful.
So im trying to buy a similar system from lets say pioneer for 300$ , but i decided to quit that because these chaps do not specified what home
higher frequencies speakers to match to these . And also these subwoofer boxes are not offered for home with ac 110 volts but just for cars. In my view
a 12 inchs powered subwoofer low profile closed box should be offered for 300$ and another 300$ for the matching high frequencies box. Than you can
match the quality of jl audio new system for approx 1000$ or more. A 110 volts consisting of a 2.1 system of 600 watts rms based on these new powered
subwoofers flat membranes compact closed box with satellite are hard to find online.


Yeah it is a bit broken. I was trying to read between the lines. But the general idea itself seems to be broken. Lol

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