Different cable terminations



What are they all? I know there is: bare wire
Banana clips
Spade terminals
What else are there? Specifically, what are the ones called that fit into the compression fitting/hole that is opened by pushing down a spring tensioned tab?
I think I'll add pictures...
banana clips
shopping (1).jpeg
spade terminal
shopping (2).jpeg
speaker pin plug


Audioholic Jedi
A lot of gear has what are called 5 way binding terminals and can accommodate what you've shown.

You thinking of spring clip terminals like on cheaper gear?


Audioholic Warlord
I always use bare wire on spring clip connections. I've seen both types listed above, and for both of them I use bare wires. It is not something I see on receivers, but I see it constantly on in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The cheaper ones use the top photo that @Swerd posted, and the better ones use the lower photo. Just did several of them yesterday.

On the back of a cheaper AV receiver, you may see those cheap spring clip connections for speaker wires, and it is better to just use bare wire. It isn't as convenient, but if you wanted a better connection, you gotta get a better receiver.

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