Denon? Rotel? Harman Kardon?



Hi Guys and Gals
Just a quick question regarding a receiver which i want to purchase.
I have listened to the new Denon 3805.
I've listened to the Rotel 1068 and today I heard the new Harman Kardon avr630.
All were very good to say the least, but I'm tossing up between the Rotel and H/K.
Any suggestions? The receiver is for movies only that's why I'm leaning towards the Rotel. :confused:

Thanks all.


I like teh sound of the hk personally but both are great units, which do you prefer teh sound of


You missed one :eek: . How about the Yamaha RX-V2400?



I've seen the reviews and yes it has good perfomance.
But since I've listened to those 3, one of those is going to be my choice.
The problem so far is this, there is an information OVERLOAD so that's why I'm keeping it to those 3 only.
I'm leaning toeards the Denon because it is THX capable where as the H/K isn't.


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I'm far away to be a pro, but I been in this hobby for the past 10 years, I read 2 to 3 differents magazine per month, look in the inter-net weekly and....I'm in the same boat :cool: .

The only difference with you, up north,(Canada) is the price :( .
In the past two week ,I saw the Denon 2805 & 3805, Marantz 7400 and 6400 and the Rotel 1055. All of them are from $1K to $2K. They all sound great but every where I go, none of them are hook up with the same speaker,DVD and \or the same display.

I just wonder some time how big impact on what I here and see is from the difference of these "others" parts. So like you, I look and ask question.

I probably made my mind in the next few week, hope to you did too.

Good luck to you, be funny in the next couple weeks, how our choice will be different. :)


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Ain't it the truth!

Peppy said:
... be funny in the next couple weeks, how our choice will be different. :)
Soundwise, they are pretty much equal. Actually, the ability to deliver good sound from comparably priced receivers was arrived at several years ago.

It's all in the features, baby. And, whatever you buy today will be replaced in a few months with basically the same receiver with one or two more features which may or may not affect the sound.

If you want to save a few bucks, you might want to consider "last year's" version of these receivers if they are available.

FWIW, when I was shopping for HT receivers 1 1/2 years ago and Denon just released their 2803, I was able to score, NIB a Denon 2802 for $395 at a local authorized dealer (6th Avenue).

Great sound, all the features I NEEDED and I saved a few bucks.

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