Denon or Onkyo - which should I use?



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New to this forum and did a search....

I bought an Onkyo TX-SR5100 earlier this year, and have been running it without issues. However, I was recently given a Denon AVR-X3300W (I need to replace the HDMI board), and was wondering if one had a benefit over the other. I've researched the specs to a point but admit I am a total novice on this stuff. Thanks in advance!


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Depends how you utilize the unit and what features/connectivity advantages one might have over the other (if any in your use). Biggest difference is likely the room eq software utilized in each unit. If you need to replace the hdmi board on the 3300 I'd check the cost of that before even thinking about changing out avrs.....

You might try the avr comparison tool at to see what the particular differences are.

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