Denon AVR-X4800H internal webpage "Advanced" feature


Grey Goose

Good afternoon. I sometimes log into and manage my Denon using the built-in web interface. There is a link to "Advanced" with a key icon on the lower right hand corner of the home page. I am challenged with a password when clicking on the link. There is no mention of this in the user's manual, on Denon's site, or on the internet at large. Does anyone know what is hiding behind this link? Any guesses as to what the password is?




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Took a peek at my 4700 but no such option...didn't remember such an option on my 4520 either. Suppose its some service tech menu they don't particularly encourage you to be in? Curious so following along....

Did you check the "official" Denon thread for this series of avr over on


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I've seen this mentioned a few times over on avs forum. I believe the password is the model # listed at the top of that page, so for your case enter AVR-X4800H. Give it a try and let us know if it works. :)

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