DENON AVR-X4300H - help with speaker placement for Auro3d,Dolby Atmos,DTSX

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    Hi guys, i am in a bit of confusion here as I recently upgraded from Onkyo 5008 AVR with its ever awesome AUDYSSEY DSX FW/FH setup which I was in love with so many years. Much to my surprise, i found out its not supported anymore. So I need to setup my room for Auro3d+DTS X+Dolby Atmos. Its a fairly large room 20 x 20. My new Denon X4300h supports 9.2 and after doing a quick search, i came up with Auro3d's page where they mentioned that 5.1.4 is the setup which can be supported by all three technologies (Auro3d,Dolby Atmos and DTS X).

    Currently I have the following basic 5.1 setup with these speakers:

    L/R - Focal 826 Standing
    Center - Focal CC800
    Surround (at 110 degrees) - Klipsch Bipole RS42
    Sub - SVS PB-2000

    Question 1 :But I need to know what is the highest possible speaker configuration I can go upto with 7 more speakers at hand for the mentioned three sound technologies even if it requires me to buy additional power amps? the extra speakers i have are :

    2 x Focal Chorus 806 bookshelf
    5 x The Speaker Company's TSAT2000's satellite (love these!)

    Would really like to have the TS ceiling (voice of God) and yes important thing is i do not wish to install them 'in the ceiling', i can just drill for an additional beam or some sort of frame to hang them downwards.

    Question 2: Is it possible to go upto the maximum combined speaker limit with having the SAME LAYOUT? i read that AURO 3D and Dolby Atmos can both work in the same layout (Surround back speakers as per dolby atmos can be used as surround height speakers for auro3d ). This is important cause I really would like to have the same layout for all sound technologies using all the additional speakers i have

    Question 3: It would be great if you guys could recommend which of the speakers i listed above should go in what location. Just a random thought: would those Klipsch Bipole speakers work better if I put them sideways on Front Height or Surround height back? that way they can fire both up and down, not sure just a wild guess.

    Question 4: Which additional power amps would you suggest and how many? was looking at the ones from Anthem, they look pretty sweet but expensive too. Would old AVRs work (such as Denon AVR 2106, Yamaha RX-V690 or V550) if I just use them as Audio amps for additional channels?

    Looking forward to responses. I have some other questions regarding Audyssey setup which i'll consult from you people once I get this placement out of the way.
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    For USD 1,199, THIS could answer your Question 1 and 4. The Denon can be used to power the remaining 4 speakers easily.

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