Denon AVR-1804 vs Yamaha RX-V640 vs Onkyo TX-SR601

Discussion in 'Amps, Pre-Pros & Receivers' started by Therion, Dec 9, 2003.

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    Dec 9, 2003
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    <font color='#000000'>Hi,

    I just wanted to know which one of these receivers is the best, since they are in the same price range. &nbsp;This receiver will be used mainly for movies.

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    <font color='#000000'>Have listened to Yamahas, including 640,740, 1400 at Hi-Fi Buys soundroom, with dvd players and various speakers; not impressed by sound nor DSP variety; and Onkyo 601 at HH Greg (no soundroom, but good speakers and demo cd). &nbsp;Blown away by Onkyo separation, clarity, crispness. &nbsp;Still researching. &nbsp;Considering
    Sony STR-DA1000ES, which has not been rated yet (great sound, -ES line is definitely worth a look); still looking at Kenwood VR-7080, but specs sound too good to be true (price seems unrealistically low with all the features; have not listened to one yet).</font>
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    Feb 16, 2003
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    <font color='#0000FF'>The best receiver is the one that sounds the best to your ears when you match them to the speakers of your choice, having said that, Yamaha amps are one of the most detailed but would sound bass shy to untrained ears at first.

    I am not a big fan of DSP for music but it is the Cinema DSP of the Yamaha HT amps that made a die hard 2 channel only man consider HT, as Hawke, Gene and many others in this forum would tell you, the Cinema DSP Tri Feild and Quad Feild modes in Yamaha make them stand apart from others.</font>
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    <font color='#000000'>I have listened to the Yamaha RXV2400 and the Onkyo 501
    I did a side by side comparison with the Stereo and direct mode for audio. Then I did Saving Private Ryan DTS, Starwars, Then switched to miusic again Norah Jones, Bob Marley, Diana Krell...


    As most will know the price differance is significant between the two models but the Onkyo won hands down!
    The sound stage was wider, The detail was lifelike. The suppressed mids where airy. What Can I say... I thought their was a mistake but I couldn't find one. I called my wife and two friends hoping they would tell me something different.
    Each one perfered the Onkyo. &nbsp;( now I know that it is recommeded for the best buy but.... What good is video up conversion if you can't feel like you are in the movie... What good is The YPAO if the reapers in LOTR don't scare the bageebees out of you.

    Don't get me wrong I don't want to bash the Yamaha I
    ( I Own the RXV-1000 and still like it. )
    it has great features Unparalled at that price point. It will cause other audio makers to add features to their products.

    But In my opinion The 2400 sounds Identical to the the
    RXV-1000. But with the extra channels and the YPAO./Video up conversion

    THX added more bass and the cutoff left a small gap in the mid range Still enjoyable.

    Thanks Yamaha for waking up the other companies maybe they can get the video up conversion in as a standard.but for now I will pic up the Onkyo 701 or 801

    My system is JBL S center S312 mains S38 Rear PB12 sub
    (Not a good match with Yamaha! Period End Of story!!)

    ( I stll cant belive the %@&amp;! Onkyo sounded so much better and it cost way less .) I hope this helps anyone loking to get this receiver/ any receiver &nbsp;at all
    It is a must that you match the Two !!!!!!!!

    Just an honest ramble!</font>

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