Def Tech bp/cs 9060 Vs Arendal 1723 THX (non S)



Audioholic Intern
Hello, I am looking to upgrade my Def Tech bp/cs 9060 speakers to the Arendal 1723 THX (non S).
(The review Gene did on YT was gave me the itch to upgrade )

Also, I feel the DTs are on the brighter side and is diminishing the movie watching exp somewhat.

Would the 1723 THX be considered an upgrade over the DT bp/cs9060? Please advise, thanks


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I would think the Arendals would be a good step over the Deftechs. Wider dynamic range, likely flatter frequency response, higher sensitivity, possibly better controlled dispersion. On the other hand, if your only complaint against the Deftechs is brightness, that is something that is easily cured with equalization- you don't need to go out and buy a whole new set of loudspeakers to address that problem.

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