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Hello again.
The music streaming service DEEZER is no longer available on the ROKU streaming platform. Bummer for me. In the past, I listened to DEEZER on ROKU, and I used my T.V. screen as the interface/navigation with the ROKU remote control. it was relatively enjoyable. Today, If you still wish to use a T.V. interface with DEEZER, yuo have to download it to your Android smart TV. So, that's what I did. It was very slow and awful to use. Very slow. I ask you guys for some help. Is there a streaming device, set top box, etc.., that can stream DEEZER and allow the listener to use the streamng device remote control and T.V. screen as the DEEZER interface? To be clear, I wish to navigate DEEZER with the streaming device remote control like I did when DEEZER was still available on ROKU. On ROKU, the listener only needed his ROKU remote control for the DEEZER app. Currently on DEEZER, a listener/subscriber can use a smartphone/tablet/laptop as the interface. I do not have internet on my phone, so that is a non-starter. So epoxy flooring orlando, I am asking if anyone knows of a streaming device that I can hook up to my T.V. that offers an on screen T.V. interface. Thank you again, I await some feedback.
I happened to be looking at my Deezer account and saw a notice that as of early or mid October Deezer will no longer be available on Roku. Why - this is a major Roku service, one of the reasons I own a Roku. Does anyone know what happened. I know that I can cast from another device but I have quality audio equipment attached to my Roku and casting cannot produce that quality. ROKU: can you please explain the loss of Deezer.

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