DC vs Marvel movies.



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I have always been a Marvel comics guy so I am biased. That said I think that the recent (post 2000) Marvel movies have just killed the DC movies. DC does seem to be putting out better movies lately though. Opinions?


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There is a greater fan base and exposure of marvel super heroes. Superman, Batman Wonder women, aquaman, flash, arrow just don’t have the weight the avengers have Spider-Man Thor Hulk captain marvel Ironman captain America throw the X-men in too. Wonder women had good movies and along with the justice league but aqua man come one there are more interesting characters in dc then him. Ben Affleck was a terrible cast for Batman. Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman with Christian bale are the best dc movies have to offer. I saw the new trailer for the Wonder Woman movie when I saw Star Wars yesterday and it looked really cool.

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