Danley Sound Labs DTS20 - $1000 OBO - Local Pick Up Only - Minneapolis, MN



The DTS20, a.k.a. "Tower of Power", is simply the most powerful, lowest frequency reproducing subwoofer on the planet

Solid output down to 16 Hz, single digit distortion and incomparably low group delay put this amazing subwoofer in a class by itself.

The DTS20 is the perfect choice for ultra high-end home theatres, industrial/ military/research facilities, commercial cinemas, mastering facilities, electronic organ reproduction, and commercial surround sound recording/playback.

The DTS20 Tower of Power has removable covers that allow two different options for the location of the acoustical output which will be based on the installation orientation you choose. In either orientation It is truly an amazing sub-woofer and is absolutely bullet proof.

I purchased the DTS20 from Danley back in 2010 and used it for roughly 4 years.

Since then it has been stored in my previous home’s mechanical room, and most recently my current basement. Both of which were\are temperature and humidity controlled and smoke-free.

While in use it was never abused and only used with High-End home theater equipment, and as such it has never seen low nor high-power distortion. (FYI – It Is Serial Number 000100)

I was really hoping to be able to utilize it once again, hence the years of storage; unfortunately, the new home we moved\downsized into simply doesn’t have enough space for a home theater.


Operating frequency range - 18 Hz- 100 Hz -3dB (16 Hz -10dB)

Continuous output - 122 dB SPL

Peak output - 128 dB SPL

Sensitivity - 95 dB SPL (2.83 Volts into rated Z, at 1 meter) measured in half space

Magnitude response - 18 Hz - 100 Hz

Driver complement - One 12" long excursion woofer

Dimensions - 87.5 x 18 x 20 inches

Weight - 220 lbs

Rated Impedance - 8 Ohms

Power Rating – 500 W Continuous (1000 W With Program)

Additional Specifications Can Be Found At –


The subwoofer and all internal parts are in perfect shape and fully functional, however It does have some scratches on the exterior of the box, although they are purely cosmetic and could easily be repainted if necessary. (See Attached Photos)


Due to the size and weight of the Sub it must be picked up locally as it would be nearly impossible to ship economically.
Item location - Andover, MN 55304

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Good luck with the sale but you can get similar output for the same money with a new powered subwoofer that’s 1/4 of the size.


Good luck with the sale but you can get similar output for the same money with a new powered subwoofer that’s 1/4 of the size.
Good luck with that. Trying to get 122 DB at 18hz that is.


If someone has a truck and is driving from Minnesota to south Florida, I might be tempted. I think I could build a window seat cabinet around this beast if I lay it on its side, and get good SAF.


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Danley Labs has a bunch of horn loaded subwoofer designs. IIRC, a lot of them fall into the Rear Tapped category. Either way, they are primarily designed for commercial usage in cinemas. I have no doubt this can perform as advertised.
Some of the Devastator designs come close to that power, but aren’t true horns rather a hybrid design.
Would love to get my hands on their designs. :)


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What $1k powered sub can do that?
Well, You could DIY build a similar sub such as Bill FitzMaurirce's Tuba HT (low profile - 18"x15"x72")
Loaded with the recommended Parts Express Dayton RSS390 HF4 driver, you can build a THT for $500, including an amp that will take it to +126dB levels.
But for commercial offerings, JTR's Cap 4000ULF is in the output ballpark but costs 4 times (it does include 4k watt amp)
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