DA5ES vs. DA4ES and others



<font color='#000000'>GDS,

I've read your review of the da5es.
I was wondering why you believe the da5es has superior processing power to the
Denon 4802? &nbsp;I noticed the DA5ES can't do the DTS 96/24. &nbsp;I'd also like to know how close the da5es is the the TA9000ES. &nbsp;I also saw the review you did on the DA4ES which shows the DA4ES isn't up to the standards of the TA9000ES.
I'd appreciate any input you could provide. &nbsp;


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<font color='#000000'>Hi
Nine simple things make the 5ES a wonderfull receiver for the $$
#1 Bass Management for every channel
#2 Wonderfull Internall EQ with memories
#3 Excellent Processing (SHARC)
#4 Tweekability Adjust everything and anything
#5 It has dual multichannel inputs
#6 Honest Amplifire Rating  
#7 Very good Analog Pre Outs  usually an after thought on
even high end receivers
#8 Very Good build quality at its price point
#9 Huge Bang for the Buck factor</font>


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<font color='#000000'>PanamaMike;

Actually I did not do the Sony review. Stevied did  

As for comparing the TA-E9000ES processor to the 4ES Receiver, its really not an apples to apples comparison.  The review Stevied did was to define the reference (IE the 9000ES) too see how well the other receivers faired to it in terms of processing power.
Personally, I feel that the 9000ES is still the best processor of the bunch as both an analog preamp, and customization settings for surround modes.  However, the lack of 6 channel inputs and the latest formats (Prologic II, EX, DTS Neo, etc) may be undesireable for some applications.
The 4ES is still a very good receiver, especially considering its price.  It has many virtues that other receivers in this price class and above simply do not (IE Bass management flexability, 2 6 channel inputs, etc).
The 5ES did have an apparant better build quality with respect to internal components, but realize that unit sold for $500 more than the current 4ES, so it is to be expected.
The best advice to you is play with the receivers user interface, remote, etc, to see how you like it.  When comparing the 4ES with the Denon 4802, the 4802 does have a superior amp section and a more refined analog preamp IMO, but again, at over double the price.  And still, the 4ES has many features that the 4802 does not.

The 5ES does not have the ability to read the DTS 96/24 added data. &nbsp;Thus anytime you play DTS 96/24 on the 5ES, it will only playback the normal DTS track without the extended 96/24 information. &nbsp;However, ask yourself how much software is currently available for DTS 96/24 to determine if it is a worthwhile feature for you. &nbsp;In most cases, DVD Audio discs recorded in DTS 96/24, you will still be better of playing back the MLP lossless track assuming you haev a DVD Audio player.</font>
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