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Ok, we’re coming! I got Debs on the recliner on the left! Nice system man!! Luv the statues! I’m waiting for my Game of Thrones statues to come in, Mother of Dragons! and my Star Wars, Darth Vader and Evil Emperor! :D



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Well what a difference 18 months can do for my setup.
My semi normal looking HT/living room in the above pic is no more. Considering I get hardly any visitors to speak of and the last time I had more than 2 people over at one time was back around 2015 or so I decided to go a different route with my seating layout.

I also have the new 1299 center and replaced the HTM6's with HTM8's in the side surround position and sent the HTM6's to rear surround duty. I also added a PSA XS30SE which sits next to me!



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