Connecting older LG Sound bar to newer Benq TH685i Projector



I'm no super savvy tech guy but know basics so don't tear me apart with this as I'm sure to some it's a fairly simple solution. But I am trying to successfully connect my older LG Sound bar to my newer Benq TH685i projector and just trying to figure out the best and easiest way to go about doing that. Right now I am just watching movies and shows using the projectors speakers as they are ok for that but would rather have a little more sound. Please give me any tips and advice that you may have. Thanks!


Audioholic Warlord
You SHOULD throw the speaker bar in the trash, get an AV receiver, hook all your sources up to the receiver and put in a nice 5.1 or better audio setup.

Short of that, the 685i only has an analog audio output connection, so you connect a long analog cable from your projector to your speaker bar, assuming your unnamed, random speaker bar has a 1/8" stereo or RCA stereo input.

If your speaker bar has a toslink or other digital input connection, then get a hdmi audio extractor and use that to provide surround sound to the speaker bar.

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