Connecting my TV to my soundbar



Hello amazing Audiogon community,

I checked on the forum but could not find a precise answer. If it has already been covered, sorry for the trouble in advance.

My soundbar: LG Sound Bar SL4
My TV: Toshiba 40l3650 40" led tv
Plugs on my TV are attached, they are like this: ckeditor_1820595.jpgPlugs.JPG

My soundbar only works with an optical audio cable. My TV has no "Optical Out".

One more thing, I saw that maybe I could get a cable "Optical In" to "HDMI". However, it will not be suitable as all HDMI plugs are already used on my TV (the 2 of them).

How can I connect them and keep a "good" sound?

I have found an adapter for "Optical in" to "Coaxial out". Is that a good solution,? I have attached a picture: Capture.JPG

Thank you so much!


Audioholic Samurai
You would need the opposite of what you posted, a coaxial in to optical out converter.

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