Connecting Audyssey mic to MacBook?



I'd like to connect the Audyssey mic to my Mac laptop. I'd like to mess around with REW even though I know it won't be accurate unless I buy a calibrated mic.
Plugging the mic into the 3.5mm jack doesn't work. Is there an adapter I can get to make it work? Either plugging into the 3.5mm jack, or a USB-C dongle that works with the Audyssey mic.

Hunter Mike

Hunter Mike

Did you go to sound input and select a mic? You may need a mono to stereo plug adapter because my Denon mic has a mono plug. Mac may be looking for headphones.

While I was waiting for my UMIK, I just used the built in microphone on my MacBook.

Buy a UMIK-1, it’s worth it. I just bought one last week and it completely changed my sub placement and EQ.
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I have a MacBook Air M1 from 2020. A UMIK-1 plugs right into USB-C
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