So, we are an SME that wish to give something back to our employees. We just landed our biggest order as of yet, and our employees has been working day and night in order for this to come true!
We've therefore decided to give something back to them.

First off we've given them all a bonus they can enjoy with their family, but we have also decided to throw a minor "party" for both the employees and their families. We've decided to turn one of our rooms into a small company theatre for the kids, while the grown ups can enjoy a beer in the office.

What kind of equipment should we go for? We need more or less everything: audio, screen you name it! Please post either pictures or links in the comments of what I should go for - the party will be Friday 9th.

Kind regards


Alright - so since we didn't get any answers to what kind of equipment was needed, we decided to invite the entire staff to Copenhagen, Denmark. First we went to Palads a cinema (the biggest in Copenhagen). Next we went to a place named Retour, serving some of the best steaks. Afterwards we went to a club and had a table full of drinks and bottles waiting for us and when we were all ready to leave, we've rented a hotel nearby for us to stay at. Of course all of this was on the expense of the company.

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