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Hello guys,

After watching some videos about streaming services vs UHD Blu-ray. I decided that I want to get a Blu-ray player I have some questions.
1. Do I need an expensive Blu-ray player like the Panasonic?
2. Since my audio is processed by my AVR (Denon 4500) do I need a Blu-ray player that is also compatible with the audio formats that my AVR is capable to decompress and process?
3. I have an oled TV (LGB9) with Dolby Vision capable and HDR. do I need a Blu-Ray that can play Dolby Vision content and HDR or even IMAX Enchanche content? would you also recommend that the BD player process the video and it goes directly to my TV or I just let the AVR handles everything.



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Well, bluray will deliver a superior product in any case.

1/ Not particularly altho considerations as to build quality/longevity can be a consideration. I've got a few very inexpensive Sony players and an Oppo....they look the same to me except maybe the Oppo does dvd a bit better but I on bluray, nothing I can tell.

2/ All you need is an hdmi out to get all possible audio and your avr should be able to handle most everything it is thrown. Some like to have an analog out from some players but I just use hdmi.

3/ Believe if you want your 4k features to match up both the player and display must be capable....but don't know much about the 4k variations or Imax, don't have that stuff. Your tv is probably better for video processing than your avr, the bluray player tends to act more as a transport; I don't use any of my avrs for video processing, just pass thru (maybe if I had some old legacy type connections that needed output over hdmi the avr processing might be interesting, but I don't).

Good luck in your hunt, post up your budget for suggestions....but think generally Panasonic and Sony will be best bets...

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