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I was wondering if placing my center channel on the floor on a stand that is only 6 inches off the ground, but can be angled up to aim towards the sitting area would adversely affect the audio quality. I am buying a new pedestal mounted DLP TV and have no shelves to place the speaker above or below the set. My speaker is rather large 9"Hx9"DX26"W and ~30lbs.

The speaker stand in question the "Lovan Millennium 2 Series Adjustable Center Channel Speaker Stand" can be viewed here

The center currently sits just below my old CRT TV and movies (voices) sound amazingly clear with my 7.1 system. I am hoping to not have to sacrifice audio quality for the new video quality.

If anyone who is knowledgeable about such things and would care to comment I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,



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I wouldn't be at all worried about placing your center speaker on a small stand. I built a set of speakers, and lacking space to put the center above my projector screen, I made a stand that angles the speaker so it points the drivers at head height (at listening distance). See here:

I later saw a few high-end (read: stupidly expensive) setups, and they both used a small stand for the center.

Minimal trimming with my receiver was required, and sound panning across the front three speakers is fine.


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Below on a stand can work fine. I will caveat that by saying that having it only 6" off the floor is awfully low. Besides being distracting in pans and having issues locking to the screen, having it that close to the floor will also cause additional boudary effects in the bottom end (SBIR).


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bpape said:
I will caveat that by saying that having it only 6" off the floor is awfully low.
Yes, I must admit I was surprised by that figure. Can't remember what my center stand is at... probably something around 16".

Of course, he shouldn't have issues of sound reflecting off the floor, as he'll be using acoustic room treatment, like all of us well behaved AV nuts ;)


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On my older RPTV, I had my CS on top and found the sound to be nice. No complaints. When I bought out new DLP, I built a stand for the TV and incorporated the CS into the stand (built a shelf for it :) ) and I can not tell you how much better it sounds down there. It was a night and day difference.
I attached a picture of it. It's not the best picture, but you get the idea. Granted, the speaker is less than 6 inches off the ground, but the TV is less than 20 inches. I tried putting it on the second shelf and I found I liked the bottom shelf better for sound.



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