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<font color='#000000'>Hi,

I have a humble budget system:
Sony STR-DE 485E Receiver 5x80 Watts
Sony SS-MF 400H Front Speakers 8 Ohms,
DIY Surround speakers borrowed from a friend 8 Ohms.

I recently bought a second hand ENERGY ECC-1 center speaker which turns out to be 12 Ohms nominal and 8 Ohms min. It was very cheap but above my budget, first I bought a Sony SS CN 105 speaker which sounded awful, then unfortunately had to replace it with Energy that cost twice as much. (Second hand godds store, no return policy)

My questions are:
-Despite all my efforts I wasn't able to find a review about this speaker. I hope an audioholic could help.
-It is 12 Ohms nominal while all other speakers are 8 Ohms is this a problem? (In both technical and sound quality aspects)

In brief, should I regret?

<font color='#000080'>Does your receiver allow EQ of the center channel? That may help you to voice match what you have...

Impedance has nothing to do with anything (in this scenario) &nbsp;unless you cannot make level adjustments to the center channel.</font>

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