Ceiling or wall (top corner in rear)



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I’m upgrading my media room with in-wall speakers.
I currently have a 5.1 setup and purchased a 7.2 Denon receiver.

My room is about 16” deep. About 12” back into the room is and arch. Picture a 4” “walkway” in the back of the room.

This arch is about 18’ at its tallest(down from the ceiling). My seating is right under this arch. Again about 12” back into the room.

Currently, with my 5.1 setup my back speakers are hung from this arch and facing inward into the room. That is these speakers are right up against the ceiling.

Initially I am planning on updating the speakers with a 5.1 in-wall configuration.

My question: What are your recommendations for the rear speakers? Should these be ceiling speakers or in-wall rectangular speakers.

I’m thinking ceiling as these would be pointed directly down to my seating, but I could get in wall with rotating tweeters. I’m what I would call a casual user. But if I’m doing this I want to do it right.

If I go with ceiling, will this impact things, if I decided to add ceiling speakers, to fill out my 7.2 system?

Thoughts are much appreciated.


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I don't think you're getting much in the way of a response because the room sounds like it's a really weak layout with speakers in rather poor positioning.

You are making some very serious compromises already, and moving away from a surface mounted speaker to an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker doesn't actually sound like it is an upgrade. The goal would be to get the speakers down to a proper listening level, in the proper position. I generally suggest, and hear, that the goal is to never use in-ceiling speakers. Instead, use surface mounted, floor standing, or bookshelves when possible, then in-wall speakers. In-ceiling is kind of a last resort and is rarely considered an 'upgrade'.

I use in-ceiling only in rooms where there is no rooms above it and when I'm just looking for an upgrade over the TV speakers (which they are).

Use the speakers which get you the best audio quality in the closest configuration to proper location for surround sound. If this is all about making the room look nice, consider ditching 5.1 in favor of 3.1 or even stereo so that you get better sound, not more sound.

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