Cd Player - Digital Optical vs Analog RCA

Do you recommend Digital or Analog connections?

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Audioholic Chief
i didn't place a vote, the answer depends on other factors that vary from device to device.

In particular, what are the capabilities of the built-in DAC? If they're adequate, then the analog outs are fine. If not, then maybe the player is best used as a transport, and the digital out (optical, AES, coaxial) might be the better choice. There is no hard-and-fast answer.


So nothing without ridiculous pricing (or AD/DA type for professional use)? So what happened to your Linn? Did it stop working?
The Linn Genki is now officially stuffed. First it wouldn't turn on and then I replaced the power cord to get it working again. Months later it would turn on but it couldn't read any discs (read one but that was it). When I put a disc in it would show a 1 on the screen but when I pressed play it would take around 10 seconds before just saying 0. Now the stupid thing won't even turn on (light comes on faintly then goes out and using different cords or different wall plugs doesn't do anything) and before that the CD tray had difficulty going all the way back in. I'll e-mail the Linn guy because you never know ;o).

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